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August 30, 2023

The GGF Are Supporting Mates in Mind

The GGF Are Supporting Mates in Mind

The GGF are pleased to have recently become a supporter of Mates in Mind. We understand that everyone has their own journey and experiences with mental health, and we are dedicated to providing the resources and support to ensure that everyone in our Group Companies can thrive both personally and professionally.

Who are Mates in Mind?

Mates in Mind are a leading UK charity that are devoted to raising awareness and addressing the stigma around poor mental health. They promote and lead on the development of positive mental wellbeing within the workplace and the GGF are currently undertaking the first steps in a three-year process to improve leadership around promotion of positive mental wellbeing.

Mates in Mind work across industries, focusing on construction, as well as related sectors including transport, logistics, manufacturing, and others. The challenges in providing support for individuals in the construction industry can be a real challenge. Several factors such as no fixed place of work and constant moving from site to site, limited face to face contact and long-standing pressures that often prevent people from seeking help. Arguably since covid, many of the details listed above is very true not just in construction but in all sectors that have remote work and high levels of travel.

3 in 5 employees experience mental health issues as a result of work, with construction workers 3.7 times more likely to take their own life than the average population, we believe this needs to change.

Mates in Mind aims to provide clear information to employers about the available support and guidance on mental health and wellbeing, and how they can address these within their own organisations.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mates in Mind, click the button below to visit their YouTube channel.

Mates in Mind are currently offering GGF Members a 10% discount on the fees. Any Members who wish to make an enquiry, please email Mates in Mind on or you can complete a contact us form. Alternatively, give them a call on 020 3510 5018.

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