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GGF Commits to Providing High-Quality Training Materials for the Glazing Industry

For years, GGF has been dedicated to producing top-notch training materials specially designed for the glazing industry. The GGF Training offers a wide range of courses, from short online classes to practical in-person workshops and even a 24-month program that helps companies develop new talent and train glazing professionals.

Skilled Pathways Scheme

The GGF Skilled Pathways Scheme helps GGF members recruit and train the next generation of talent entering the industry, helping you futureproof your business in the process.

The scheme is a mixture of practical and remote learning taking place on the company premises, with an appointed mentor overseeing the trainee’s progress throughout the programme.

Any company may sign up to the scheme, with GGF Members receiving funding for half of the training provided by our partners TST, worth £4,000.


The GGF Training Academy provides GGF members with the opportunities to develop the skills and expertise you need to succeed in the Glass & Glazing Industry. We have a whole host of courses available, ranging from a 2 hour refresher to an NVQ.

Available at discounted rates for GGF members the courses are available either remotely or in person depending on the content of the course and will help your company stand out from the

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