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The GGF Skilled Pathways Scheme has been set up to help Member companies recruit, train and qualify trainees.

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Skilled Pathways Scheme

The training in the GGF Skilled Pathways Scheme is a mixture of physical and remote learning taking place on your company’s premises, however, your trainee will need to attend off-site training.

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Courses and Qualifications

The GGF Skilled Pathways Scheme has been supported by GQA the awarding body for the glass sector and all those who complete the course
will receive a certificate and also NVQ Level 2 qualification.

Your trainee will be on the scheme for 18-24 months and during that time the following ‘off the job’ learning will be required:

  • 5 Day Introduction Course Including
    • Essential Key Industry Knowledge
    • Manual handling and storage of glasss
    • Health & safety knwoledge based training
  • 1 day CSCS Course
  • 3 hour error reduction tools course
  • 3 hour risk assessing course
  • Alternate 6 weekly digital calls – 3 hours
  • Alternate 6 weekly face to face sessions with their assessors – 1 day

Glass & Glazing Pathways

The GGF Skilled Pathways Scheme a started in January 2022, with 20 trainees in the following disciplines:

    Current programs

  • Glazing (live)
  • Glass Processing (live)
  • Fenestration (live)
  • Fire Resistant glazing (in development for 2023)
  • Window Film application (in development for 2023)
  • The above is not an exhaustive list and will be added
    to over time.

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How the Scheme Works

Industry Skill Shortage

The glazing industry has been facing a shortage of installers and professionals for some time now, and this trend is expected to persist. The only solution to address this issue is to bring new individuals into the industry and provide them with proper training in glazing and fenestration.

With a variety of training courses available, GGF Training caters to every learning style. Whether you prefer in-person training, online courses through their e-learning platform, or online classrooms, GGF Training has you covered.

Their commitment to providing high-quality training materials is evident in the success of their graduates. GGF Training has helped many individuals and companies achieve their goals in the glazing industry.

So if you’re looking to improve your skills and advance your career in the glazing industry, look no further than GGF Training. With their comprehensive training courses and commitment to excellence, you’ll be well on your way to success.

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