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Technical Library

Welcome to our expanding technical library, featuring an extensive collection of resources tailored to the glass and glazing industry. Divided into three categories, our datasheets cover product details, good practice guides detail installation standards, and our guidance covers topics for both trade and consumers.

  • Datasheets: Source documents for the industry covering details on products such as IGUS, Toughened, Laminated, Curved Glass, Window Film, Windows, Doors and Hardware.Good Practice Guides: detailing installation standards and requirements e.g. Windows, Doors & Conservatories.Guidance for Trade & Consumers: explanatory documents covering topics such as condensation, roller wave, anitroscopy & visual inspection.

Case Studies

Our library of case studies showcases some of the flagship projects from GGF Members. These studies highlight complex cases in the glass and glazing industry and the innovative solutions that were applied to resolve them. The case studies cover a broad range of both commercial and residential projects.

Consumer leaflets

Our collection of consumer leaflets and guides provides comprehensive information on a range of topics, including glass repair, trickle ventilators, conservatories, condensation, and much more. These documents offer a wealth of useful information to the homeowners and are useful for the installers during the consultation stage.

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