GGF Groups


The GGF runs over 100 specialist meetings and events throughout the year. As a member you can attend as many meetings across the year as you wish to ensure you have all the latest guidance relevant to your business. Whether it be as part of a specialist technical group, or attending the annual GGF Members Day, the GGF provides for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Regional Groups

GGF regional meetings provide your business with the opportunity to meet and network with other influential companies in your sector. GGF Members meet to discuss issues affecting the local area whilst being updated on nationwide technical, health and safety, political and training matters.

Home Improvement Executive & Groups

The Home Improvement Executive is the encompassing body that represents all GGF glass and glazing member companies within the home improvement sector, including all member companies within the Window, Door & Conservatory groups.

Glazing Executive & Groups

The Glazing Executive is the overarching body within the GGF that represents all GGF member companies who manufacture glass and glazing products, including most of the key players within the glazing industry.