November 6, 2023

GGF Recycling Schemes

GGF Recycling Schemes

The GGF Recycling Schemes enable GGF Members to request a collection service for their old windows and doors that are made of uPVC, Aluminium, Timber and Glass across England, Wales and Scotland.

In addition, if you request a uPVC collection, you may also ask for the glass units to be collected at the same time. The scheme allows you to have your old frames and off cuts collected at a date and time of your choosing. The scheme is run in partnership with leading recycling companies in their sector who will be happy to provide you with insight and expert advice should you wish.

The expansion has been a big success to date, and we want to emphasise the importance the role the GGF Recycling Schemes play in our organisation and how it aligns with the GGF’s commitment to sustainability.

Key Points to Consider

– Collection of all uPVC frames and glass is done free of charge and saves you money on skip hire every month.

– For any Aluminium collections you will receive a commission for the surplus material received. The commission rate is linked to the London Metal Exchange value for Aluminium in that given month.

– For timber there is a collection fee applicable which will be confirmed once you have made the request. This cost is a saving against a skip hire of a similar size.

– Regardless of material, windows must be deglazed before collection and all frames must be stacked safely

– All other hardware such as handles, hinges, locks, rubber & silicone can remain on the windows

– All collections are recorded and you will receive a certificate at the end of the year showcasing your green credentials


The GGF Timber Recycling Scheme is in partnership with Community Wood Recycling (CWR). They are a network of social enterprises collecting and reusing waste wood in the most environmentally beneficial way and creating jobs and training for disadvantaged people.

If you’d like to have wood collected, please get in contact with CWR, on 01273 20 30 40, or alternatively, please send them an email on


The glass recycling scheme in partnership with CNC Recycling is available to companies that install windows in Hull, York, Doncaster, Lincoln, Peterborough, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Wakefield, Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield, Manchester, Liverpool, across to Halifax/Brighouse, down to Stoke and then over to North Wales, Cheshire, and areas of Cumbria.

– The glass can only be collected when having your uPVC frames collected at the same time.

– The collected uPVC frames must be de-glazed as the glass is collected on different vehicles.

– There must be a minimum of 20 window frames/IGUs for a collection to be made.

– The IGUs must not be broken and stacked (A frames) ready for collection.

To arrange a collection please contact recycling experts CNC Recycling on


Our free Aluminium collection service is in place to encourage Members to start to make more sustainable and earth friendly choices, to strengthen the future of the fenestration industry.

In collaboration with our partners Alutrade and in conjunction with the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB), Alutrade offer an extensive fleet of collection vehicles, which are available across England, Scotland and Wales. What’s more, you will receive a commission on the aluminium collected!

To arrange a collection of your aluminium waste, please fill out the collection enquiry form by clicking here and someone will be in touch.


Our uPVC Recycling Scheme, through our nationwide partnership with CNC Recycling, offers a multitude of collection vehicles, which provides GGF Members the ability to recycle all of their old window frames after a job.

To arrange a collection of your uPVC waste, please fill out the collection enquiry form by clicking here,

Join the GGF Recycling Schemes and Start Recycling Today

It’s no secret that recycling plays a substantial role in conserving our environment and resources, and reducing our carbon footprint and by getting your business involved in the GGF Recycling Schemes, we can collectively make a positive impact through our recycling efforts.

GGF Members have the opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability, by actively engaging in the GGF recycling schemes.

Our recycling schemes are intended to divert a significant portion of waste from landfills. By separating recyclable materials such as glass, timber, and aluminium, we can ensure that these valuable resources are given a new life. This reduces the strain on landfills, prolongs the lifespan of raw materials, and helps create a more sustainable and circular economy.

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