September 20, 2023

Industry Feedback Results in New Cylinder Installation Guide 

Industry Feedback Results in New Cylinder Installation Guide 

The GGF are pleased to inform you that in collaboration with the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI), the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF), and the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), a new installation guide for lock cylinders is now available to download. 
The new guide has been created following reports from association members in regards to the incorrect installation and mishandling of cylinders, resulting in their failure.

The technical briefing provides guidance on the methodology for the successful installation of euro profile cylinders for locking devices.

What Does the Guide Cover?

The new cylinder Installation guide has been split into 4 sections that reflect each stage of the installation process:

  • Pre-installation (Page 3)
  • Installation (Pages 4-5)
  • Operation (Page 6)
  • Appendix: Certification schemes (Page 7)

In addition to the advice given in this document, please note that cylinders should always be installed, checked, maintained and tested regularly in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. This is a guide of best practice and has been created to assist with the successful installation of all types of euro profile cylinders. 

GAI Technical Manager, Douglas Masterson, who chaired the Working Group of industry experts, commented: “This was a great collaboration between the four trade associations as well as a number of cylinder manufacturers. It provides best practice advice on the dos and do nots of cylinder installation, highlighting some common pitfalls along the way. We look forward to this being used by a wide cross-section of industry with the aim of increasing levels of competency in this area.”

Michael Skelding, DHF General Manager, commented: “DHF is pleased to have had the opportunity to be involved in the development of this new installation guide. The document provides detailed guidance on how to correctly install new cylinders and we hope it will benefit the industry by minimising the number of cylinder failures in the future.”

Kevin Jones, GGF Senior Technical Officer, commented: “The GGF were pleased to be involved with creating such valuable guidance for our sector. The collaboration between trade federations and manufacturers is something we should embrace so that together we can continue to provide the best possible guidance to industry”

Justin Freeman, MLA Technical Manager said: “ MLA member locksmiths are very aware of problems with cylinders fitted incorrectly and the MLA was pleased to contribute to this installation guide to use as reference.”

Download the Guide

The document is intended as guidance for manufacturers, installers and architectural ironmongers. GGF Members are able to download the free guide by clicking below.

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