October 19, 2022

Thank You for Making GGF Members Day 2022 Such a Success!

Thank You for Making GGF Members Day 2022 Such a Success!

We were so delighted to see such a big turnout of Members and their guests at Members Day in Manchester.

The GGF were fortunate enough to have been able to offer guests a free tour of the Man City stadium, the Etihad, before we sat down for a buffet lunch to ready everyone for a day of hearing industry experts GGF staff and guest speakers offer us their insight on the industry.

The key themes from the presentations at the event were Net Zero, and the important role GGF members can play in supporting government in its delivery, along with Training and Upskilling.

Once the conference had ended, we all made our way over to the National Football Museum for a night filled with networking and fizz! The GGF hopes you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

A Massive Thank You to Our Guest Speakers

It was such a pleasure to have Jade Lewis from the Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) and Dave Dalton from British Glass take time out of their schedules to speak to our Members, and we hope each of you had some time to connect with them and speak about their work. 

Jade discussed the gaps in policy and the SEA’s 5 key deliverables to aid the Government in achieving their #NetZero targets and delivering buildings fit for future generations, and the findings from their recent report ‘What Next for Heat and Buildings Policy?’.

Please read the full speech by clicking here.

Presentations from GGF Staff

The GGF are very pleased to have a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff who each put on such great presentations for our Members. 

GGF Technical Officer John Mannell spoke to us about the GGF Skilled Pathways Scheme and how it is working to close the skills gap. John’s presentation really highlighted the importance of the scheme, just how pioneering the first set of the scheme cohorts are, and how the scheme has been created specifically to help our Members recruit, educate and invite the new generation of traders to the industry to help improve the skills shortage affecting the industry. The GGF is proud of all of it’s training offering, and we hope to continue setting the standard for the future of the industry. 

RISA’s Head of Inspection and Assessment, Dave Mechem brought our attention to Trickle Vents, and a solution to the problem, Pulse Testing. Since the update of the Building Regulations, the changes meant that the addition of trickle vents to replacement windows and doors are required in the majority of cases. However, if you are not making the air infiltration any worse, i.e. more air tight, the GGF found that you don’t need those extra vents. From testing the Pulse system we have found that where windows are replaced like for like (i.e. PVC for PVC) then the air infiltration rate is often made no worse. A solution sought after by many!

Again, the biggest thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to speak to us. 

A Thank You to GGF Members

And of course, there’d be no Members Day without you, GGF Members! So we just wanted to say to each of you, thank you for coming and we hope everybody found the day insightful and beneficial for their businesses.

The GGF is blown away by the kind words and support Members have shown, and we look forward to continuing our support to you and your businesses, and hearing your insightful contributions and discussions about the issues in the industry.

Until the next one!

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