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April 30, 2024

Hiring: Customer Relations Coordinator

Hiring: Customer Relations Coordinator

Job titleCustomer Relations Coordinator
Reporting toHead of Membership and Customer Relations
Contract Full time permanent
Salary£26,000 – £30,000pa  

Summary of Role:

We are seeking a dedicated Customer Relations Coordinator to join our team. Reporting directly to the Group Head of Membership & Customer Relations, the successful candidate will be responsible for administering and resolving customer complaints against GGF members efficiently and effectively. This role involves acting as an intermediary between customers and GGF Members, ensuring fair and satisfactory resolutions to complaints while upholding the organisation’s standards of service. Additionally, the Customer Relations Coordinator will collaborate with various departments to address technical aspects of complaints and contribute to maintaining a positive customer experience.

Key Responsibilities: 

Complaint Management and Resolution: 

– Administer the organisation’s complaint procedure, ensuring fairness and high standards of service.

– Investigate and validate complaints in accordance with policy guidelines.

– Facilitate communication between stakeholders to achieve amicable resolutions.

– Schedule and conduct phone calls to discuss and resolve complaints.

– Maintain accurate records of complaint cases and produce comprehensive weekly reports.

Collaboration and Communication: 

– Conduct weekly meetings with the Accounts Manager and Technical Department to address complaint issues.

– Coordinate communication between departments to facilitate problem-solving.

Customer Interaction: 

– Provide empathetic assistance to callers on the complaints line.

– Establish and maintain positive relationships with members and homeowners.

Professional Development and Representation: 

– Participate in training opportunities to enhance skills relevant to the role.

– Represent the organisation at external forums.

Secretary for the Consumer Management Group: 

– Coordinate logistics and documentation for group meetings.

– Run quarterly meetings efficiently and distribute minutes.

– Send out calling notices and necessary paperwork in advance of meetings. 

– Write and distribute the minutes of the meetings, capturing key discussions, decisions, and action points. 

Engagement with Member Meetings:

– Attend member meetings to provide updates on complaint trends and resolutions.

– Facilitate a transparent communication channel between the complaints department and other members, enhancing collaborative efforts to improve service quality. 

General Duties: 

– Attend to other duties as requested by the Group Head of Membership and Customer Relations, demonstrating flexibility and adaptability. 

– Work collaboratively across teams to support the organisation’s goals, maintaining a positive and professional work environment.  

Qualifications and Experience: 

– A-level education or equivalent, or relevant experience.

– Experience in complaint handling and case management.

– Familiarity with building regulations, consumer law, and the technical aspects of glass and glazing products is advantageous. 

Skills, Knowledge, and Attributes: 

– Strong prioritisation skills, excellent written English, and strong IT skills. 

– The ability to interpret and investigate complex information and manage caseloads efficiently.

– Excellent customer care skills and the ability to establish positive internal and external relationships.

– Resilience, diligence, diplomacy, and self-motivation. 

Person specification:

– Exceptional networking and relationship-building abilities, coupled with diplomacy, enabling effective engagement with diverse stakeholders at all organisational levels.

– Proficient in analysing data and situations, demonstrating strong analytical skills.

– Proven track record in a similar role, showcasing relevant experience.

– Demonstrates an unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service.

– Possesses strong and confident public speaking skills.

– Proficient in Microsoft software, showcasing IT literacy.

– A clear and articulate communicator, both verbally and in writing.

– Exhibits a highly developed sense of personal integrity and respect for others.

– Confident in communicating via various modern channels, including phone, email, face-to-face, and virtual platforms like Zoom/Teams.

– Meticulously accurate with an acute attention to detail.

– Displays enthusiasm and self-motivation in all endeavours.

To apply for this role, please get in touch with Group Head of Membership and Customer Relations, Ben Wallace on

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