July 30, 2021

Get it in the Diary

Get it in the Diary

GGF Meeting dates for 2021

The GGF calendar is packed full with Members meetings in the technical groups, regions, countries, committees and Members’ events.

Meetings will continue via video (ZOOM) but the GGF are anticipating that it may be possible to start holding physical face to face meetings in the summer. To find out more about GGF Meetings or if you wish to attend please contact the designated Secretary by email in the table below.

You can also access the GGF meetings calendar via google here: 

See full calendar below.

Start DateMeetingTimeSecretaryContact
03/11/2021 HI Tech & Hardware10am-12.30pmKevin
03/11/2021 Systems House Group10am-12.30pmKevin
04/11/2021 Windows & Doors Group / Conservatory Association10am-12.30pmKevin
08/11/2021 Membership & Review Committee10am-12.30pmJames
09/11/2021 North West & North Wales10am-12.30pmAnn-marie
10/11/2021 Safety & Security Group10am-12.30pmBen
11/11/2021 Glazing Executive10am-12.30pmBen
16/11/2021 Midlands10am-12.30pmDiana
17/11/2021 GGF Scotland10am-12.30pmAnn-marie
18/11/2021 Home Improvement Executive10am-12.30pmDave
23/11/2021 North East & Yorkshire10am-12.30pmAnn-marie
24/11/2021 Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland Joint Meeting10am-12.30pmDave
25/11/2021 Political Strategy Committee2pm-4pmJames
30/11/2021 East Anglia10am-12.30pmPeter
01/12/2021 Kent, Surrey & Sussex9am-11.30pmPeter
07/12/2021 Health & Safety Committee10am-12.30pmJames
08/12/2021 Environment Committee10am-12.30pmJames
09/12/2021 Heritage Windows Group10am-12.30pmJames
10/12/2021 London10am-12.30pmPeter
20/12/2021GGF Board10am-12.30pmJohn

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