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May 27, 2022

Approved Document F: Trickle Vents

Approved Document F: Trickle Vents

As you have been previously made aware, the Government published changes to the Building Regulations in December. The changes to Approved Document F will be coming into full effect from the 15th June 2022. Which as you will know, means that the majority of replacement windows and doors will be required to be fitted with trickle vents.

It is important to recognise that the date on which the contract was signed by the customer has no bearing on the registration of the work. If the installation takes place from the 15th June 2022 onwards it will be expected to comply with the new building regulations.

Approved Doc F Further Guidance

In addition to the updated Building Regulations Training Course available to book on the GGF Training Hub, the GGF have produced a Guide to Approved Document F which members are able to download via the button below.

Should you wish to view the Approved Document in full please visit the government website by clicking here. Please ensure your company fully understands the changes made and is ready for the 15th June.

With Kevin Jones in our Technical Department, the following video also provides you with further information and insight into the updated regulations.

Disclaimers and Indemnity Policies

It has recently been noted that there has been misinformation wrongly spread across various industry forums in regards to the upcoming changes to Approved Document F.

It has been suggested that if a homeowner signs a disclaimer, the installation company would no longer be required to fit Trickle Vents.

We can firmly state this is not true. We have email confirmation from the DLUHC and the document author that in no way would a signed disclaimer be acceptable as an alternative to fitting Trickle Vents. The DLUHC will be issuing a formal letter to the industry very soon to confirm this.

Statements and Clauses

At a recent GGF meeting, a valid point was raised that it should now be seen as best practice for GGF Members to state in their contract, where applicable, that they are fitting Trickle Vents in order for the installation to comply with Building Regulations.

If your sales contract includes this clause by way of reference it will protect you where the homeowner makes claims they were not told about them. Subsequently, as the contract has been signed you are protected against any complaints raised post installation.

DLUHC Approved Document L, F and O Broadcast

The Future Homes and Buildings Standards team are running webinars to explain the changes to Parts L, F and O of the Building Regulations coming into force on the 15th June. This will take place on the 23rd May from 12-1pm.

Please Click Here to join the Microsoft Teams broadcast on the day. They will cover new and existing domestic buildings and new and existing non-domestic buildings in one broadcast.   

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