April 6, 2019

A very special evening for the GGF

A very special evening for the GGF

It was a memorable and enjoyable occasion as the good and the great of the glass and glazing industry attended the GGF’s President’s Reception on the 26TH March at Blackfriars in London.

GGF Members from over 20 different sectors within the glass and glazing industry were joined by GGF senior management and guests from the fields of politics, IT, media and related trade bodies to enjoy an evening of networking and presentations from John Agnew GGF President and Kevin Buckley, GGF Group Chief Executive.

GGF Scotland Chair Alex Gray with Susan & Peter Roden alongside GGF President John Agnew

The event had added sparkle, when Peter Roden, Chairman and Owner of Mitchell Glass received a prestigious award for Outstanding Service to the Industry. 
Peter was the first Chair of GGF Scotland and was at one time a Member of both the GGF and the Scottish Glass Association before they merged in 1996. 
On receiving his award Peter said, “It’s been an amazing day. I am truly honoured and humbled and I’d like to thank the GGF and everyone for making it so special.”

It was indeed a special day for both Peter and his wife Susan who had come down from the Scottish borders to attend the GGF Offices where they were treated to a tour of the GGF historic timeline of the glass and glazing industry which is displayed around the walls of the GGF Members’ Area. During their visit, Peter was photographed wearing the 90 year old Scottish Glass Merchants and Suppliers Association President’s Chain of Office which was worn by Susan’s father when he was President of the association in 1992. 

GGF Members socialising at the President’s Reception

It was then off to the GGF President’s Reception at St Bride Foundation Institute, a unique Victorian venue in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral, where Members and guests enjoyed drinks and canapés in the grandiose surroundings.  
The President’s speech covered the GGF’s changes in the last few years and outlined the clear plans ahead for the GGF and its commercial subsidiary companies. 

Kevin Buckley, GGF Group Chief Executive 

During Kevin Buckley’s presentation, he highlighted the number of new companies (a record 65) that have come into the GGF in the last 12 months and how the upward trend in recruitment is continuing with 20 new Members joining the GGF in the first quarter of the year. Kevin also underlined how the GGF’s resources have increased in the last year and how the Federation’s functions are focused ensure Members reap the benefits. 

During his speech John Agnew reflected, “When I started in 1985 I had no plans to be anything at the GGF other than a contributing member to the Laminators and Tougheners group, but I was elected to Chairman of the Glazing Executive, then to the GGF Board and to the Presidency. This is my final year as President and it has truly been an honour and a privilege to have played a part in the history of the Federation. I thank the GGF Members and staff who have supported me throughout my tenure and all who have attended this great occasion.”

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