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December 8, 2023

Pulse Testing – Helping GGF Members Stay Competent

Pulse Testing – Helping GGF Members Stay Competent

The Building Regulations update in June of last year introduced the changes to Approved Document F, which meant that Trickle Vents are now mandatory to be fitted in the majority of households.

The GGF are committed to keeping Members competent and up to date with all Building Regulations, and the discourse surrounding the new Building Regulations led us to create our Pulse Testing initiative, which is an alternative to fitting Trickle Vents.

What is a Pulse Test?

Pulse testing is providing the proof that the air infiltration to a building has been made no worse by the addition of trickle vents to your windows. A test is completed before the removal of the existing windows and after the installation has been completed.

Today’s replacement windows are so much better at retaining heat in the home than previous generations, however air tightness technology has not needed to improve in the same way.

The Pulse Test is carried out by a UKAS accredited organisation, such as RISA, and undertaken by a trained professional that is a member of an air pressure testing competent person scheme. The Pulse Testing process would involve an on-site test ‘pre’ and ‘post’ installation, fulfilled by a qualified Assessor.

Trickle Vents will still be required to be installed in a majority of windows and doors, Pulse Testing simply provides homeowners with an alternative.

You can book your test via the button below. The cost of the test is £405 + VAT but GGF Members are eligible for a 25% discount, which means it will cost just £295 + VAT.

If you wish to book multiple tests please email for a price on application.

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