October 12, 2021

GGF salute to Mark Austin following retirement announcement

GGF salute to Mark Austin following retirement announcement

Former GGF President, Mark Austin of Hazelmere Window Ltd, has announced, he is set to retire from the industry in January 2022. The announcement has drawn accolades from all parts of the GGF.

As Marketing Director of Hazlemere Window Company Ltd in High Wycombe, Mark assisted in bringing the company into the GGF Membership in 2015 and the following year he was elected as Chair of the GGF’s Window and Door Group and took a position on the GGF Home Improvement Executive.

In 2018, Mark was elected Chair of Home Improvement Executive was ratified as GGF Board Director becoming vice president in 2019 and then elected GGF President the following year.

In his time on the GGF Board and various committees, Mark was instrumental in setting up the GGF Membership and Review Committee and the Chairperson’s Forum. As President he led the GGF through perhaps the toughest ever period for the industry, when the COVID-19 pandemic impacted on the UK just three months into Mark’s tenure as President.

Tony Smith, GGF President

On hearing the news of Mark’s retirement, GGF President, Tony Smith commented,

“I sincerely thank Mark for his great commitment, support and contribution to ensure the GGF Board made the right decisions under his Chairmanship during the pandemic. These decisions have gone a long way to ensuring the GGF is in a strong position to handle the challenges ahead. I wish Mark the very best for his retirement”.

John Agnew, GGF Group Managing Director added:

“I would like to thank Mark for all his support for the GGF and for me personally in my term as President and in my first year as GGF Managing Director during extremely difficult times for the industry. I wish him well for the future and for many happy years of retirement.”

On his service to the GGF, Mark summed up;

“It was my honour and privilege to work with the GGF Staff and Members on many projects and issues, but especially as GGF President. I’m pleased the GGF Group is in overall good shape and in a very strong position for whatever the future holds despite the uncertainty of the last 21 months. I wish all connected to the GGF the best for the future.”

Mark Austin with GGF Managing Director, John Agnew

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