February 6, 2020

GGF Members air views at Chairpersons’ Forum

GGF Members air views at Chairpersons’ Forum

The inaugural annual GGF Chairpersons’ Forum took place at AluK Design Studio in London, on 4 February, with 31 Members attending to represent the GGF Technical Groups, Committees and Board as well the GGF Regions/Countries.

Chaired by Greg O’Donoghue, former GGF President and Chair of the GGF Marketing and Communications Committee, the meeting heard reports from; 13 Technical Groups; 3 Committees, 9 GGF Regions and 3 Countries which covered topics they wanted to be addressed to the GGF Board. 

After the meeting, GGF President Mark Austin commented: “It was important for the GGF Board collectively to hear first-hand the concerns of the broader membership in one meeting. We will continue to listen and act to improve the GGF for the membership.”

Chairman, Greg O’Donoghue added, “It was a very successful day and the commitment and passion from GGF Members were clearly in evidence with more than 90% of the GGF’s Chairs in attendance. I would like to thank them for making the effort and time to attend this meeting and for their contribution to the discussions. This event can only make the GGF more unified and transparent for Members, regardless of their size, status or location.”

At the Forum, 30 reports were heard, from all different parts of the Federation with the main topics of discussion being; training for the industry, compliance with industry standards, GGF governance and structure as well the Federation’s internal function and how they can work more effectively for the Membership.

John Agnew, incoming GGF Managing Director commented, “Listening to Members issues from practically all sides of the Federation was both important and very interesting. The GGF will now look for viable solutions to help the GGF recruitment and retention strategies going forward.”

James Lee, Director of External Affairs and Secretary of the Chairpersons’ Forum added, “The Forum has proved to be highly productive and I have no doubt, the follow-up actions will improve Members’ benefits and the GGF’s internal operations. My thanks to all the Members for their input and support and also to AluK Design Studio for use of their premises and their assistance with the smooth running of the Forum.”

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