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August 30, 2023

GGF Health, Safety and Environment Manager Lauren Mawford’s Visit to Scotland

GGF Health, Safety and Environment Manager Lauren Mawford’s Visit to Scotland

Lauren Mawford our Group Health, Safety, and Environment Manager has been out and about visiting members to provide support and guidance on health and safety practices.

Lauren recently visited Alex Gray and Gordon Mcintyre of the Saveheat Group in Scotland and was impressed by the adoption of new software by the group, implemented by their Health and Safety Advisor Neil Meara and commented that this is indeed a commendable step forward. Transitioning to an online platform for managing health and safety-related documentation, including RAMS, policies, procedures, employee training plans, and equipment maintenance schedules, can greatly streamline processes and enhance accessibility. The ability to conduct safety checks, date and time stamp them, and grant specific staff member’s access contributes to efficiency and accountability. The oversight provided to Senior Management to ensure compliance with safety checks is a proactive measure that can help address any issues promptly.

Lauren visited the following Saveheat Group sites, Saveheat Glass Ltd and Blairs Aluminium Systems Ltd in Hillington and to Blairs Windows Ltd (Timber) and Blairs Windows Ltd (UPVC) based in Greenock. This underscores her dedication to understanding the ground-level operations of our members and the implementation of health and safety protocols. Her observations regarding site standards, housekeeping, and the evident emphasis on health and safety among team members on those sites highlight the positive culture and commitment within these organisations.

The Glass and Glazing Federation holds a significant and influential position within the industry. With its community of members representing a substantial portion of the sector’s annual turnover, the GGF plays a crucial role in shaping and advancing the glass industry. The fact that the GGF supports its members on their journey toward health and safety excellence accentuates its commitment to promoting safe and responsible practices within the industry.

By providing guidance, resources, and support to its members, the GGF not only contributes to the overall success of its individual member businesses but also helps elevate the standards of health and safety across the glass industry as a whole. The considerable size and influence of the GGF’s membership community indicate that the federation has the capacity to drive positive change, facilitate collaboration, and raise awareness about the importance of health and safety measures in this sector.

This dedication to supporting members’ efforts to excel in health and safety reflects the GGF’s commitment to fostering a safe working environment and ensuring the well-being of those involved in the glass industry. As the glass industry continues to evolve, the GGF’s role in promoting best practices, providing valuable resources, and advocating for high standards of health and safety will undoubtedly contribute to the sector’s growth and sustainability.

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