February 24, 2021

GGF Forum tackles proposed changes to Building Regulations

GGF Forum tackles proposed changes to Building Regulations

GGF Members congregated via video conference on the 23rd February to discuss the questions contained within the Government Consultation document regarding Approved Documents L & F and Overheating.

The Forum hosted by David Borland, GGF Senior Technical Officer, received Members’ input and key concerns within the Consultation and Members also had the benefit of hearing the views from a Panel of Experts, which included:

Paul Kennington of VEKA

Phil Brown of NSG Pilkington

Adrian Toon of A2N Management

Ramon Rabett of Masterframe.

The Consultation dealt specifically with proposed changes to Building Regulations for existing dwellings and commercial buildings as well as overheating for new and existing dwellings.

Matters discussed included changes to window & door  ‘U’ values, increases in background ventilation, solar gain and means of prevention, overheating as it affects both homes & flats, restrictions on opening windows and tighter controls on glass area based on floor area of the building.

The Consultation document contained 132 questions with over 60 questions directly affecting the glass, glazing and fenestration industries. Responses to the Consultation and those from the previous Consultation (February 2020) for new dwellings will be considered during the creation of the new Approved Document L for Energy Efficiency and Approved Document F and the Overheating Document prior to its release in December 2021. There will be a six month transition period with all new changes mandatory from June 2022.

The Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government is intending to release one Document L for new and existing documents and one for new and existing non-domestic Buildings. Approved Document F will follow the same format.

David Borland, GGF Senior Technical Officer

On the Forum, David Borland commented, “It was great to see over 35 GGF Members come together to discuss these proposed changes to key parts of the Building Regulations. We will take on board all the concerns as we prepare our response to Government. I would like to thank those GGF Members who made up our panel of experts and all those who attended the Forum. Their expert views combined with the knowledge shared, are greatly appreciated by the GGF. “

All attendees to the GGF Forum, will receive a copy of the GGF responses within the next week for any further comment. All further comments must be made to David Borland, GGF Senior Technical Officer by email by the 19th March. The closing date for submission of responses to the Consultation is the 13th April 2021.

For further information on the Consultation or the Webinar please contact David Borland

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