September 4, 2020

Brexit Update: Government Issues Guidance on UKCA Mark

Brexit Update: Government Issues Guidance on UKCA Mark

On 2nd September the government has published guidance on the Placing of Manufactured Goods on the market in Great Britain from 1st January 2021.

This will be covered under the new UKCA Mark. See below from the government and full details can be viewed here.

The government proposes to amend the statutory instrument  No.465 to consider the effect of the Withdrawal Agreement and Northern Ireland Protocol. Further changes may be made if the UK and EU establish different arrangements under the future trade agreement.

The amended statutory instrument will come into effect on 1 January 2021 replacing the current statutory instrument.

The 2019 No. 465



The guidance is about placing construction products on the GB market. The GB market refers to England, Wales and Scotland.

The government document sets out their intentions as to what the legislation will say. The legislation will need to be approved in Parliament, so there may be changes. The government will review the guidance once the legislation has been passed through Parliament.

The guidance does not cover goods placed on the Northern Ireland market or goods placed on the GB market from Northern Ireland. Guidance on this will follow.

Businesses must prepare for the end of recognition of the CE mark in GB and affix the UK marking using a UK-recognised ‘approved body’ by 1 January 2022.

Businesses are being encouraged now to be ready for the full implementation of the new UK regime, as soon as possible after 1 January 2021. Businesses will be able to use the UK mark from 1 January 2021. To allow businesses time to adjust, some CE marked goods, that meet EU requirements, may continue to be placed on the UK market.

However, this arrangement will end on 1 January 2022, and businesses should ensure they are prepared for the new system before it comes into effect.

All existing harmonised European standards will become UK ‘designated standards’. This will mean that immediately after the end of the transition period harmonised European standards and UK designated standards will be identical.

The government will publish and maintain the list of these designated standards on a UK Database.

The GGF will publish more updates as it receives information from government and will be assisting GGF Members through the transition.

There will also be an update and summary presentation on this change at the GGF Technical Forum at Members’ Week, starting at 10.30am on Wednesday 30 September. You can book your place here

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