September 24, 2021

Ambition and progress highlighted at GGF Members’ Day

Ambition and progress highlighted at GGF Members’ Day

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) annual Members’ Day proved a great success with an inspirational speech by Lord Andrew Stunell on energy efficiency and net zero which was followed by four major announcements that underlines the GGF’s position as the leading trade organisation in the industry.

Due to the pandemic and following a safety first approach, for the second successive year, the event was held virtually and was well attended despite how busy the industry is at the present time.

Tony Smith, GGF President

GGF President, Tony Smith opened proceedings which followed with presentations from John Agnew, GGF Group Managing Director on the progress of the GGF’s activities and Anda Gregory, GGF Chief Development Officer on how the GGF is increasing the industry’s market knowledge.

Key announcements from Members’ Day

GGF acquires the assets of The Palmer Report to support the GGF’s ongoing research, the FENSA knowledge hub and the recently published Market Knowledge Report. (read more)

New GGF Apprenticeship Scheme than will fund up to £4000 worth of training per apprentice to be launched in January 2022. (read more)

GGF set to launch Evolve – a new framework to help companies improve their cultures, risk management and operations to make them safer and more environment-friendly. (read more)

Launch of a new research report “Glazing – A Route to Net Zero” commissioned by the GGF to demonstrate the importance of glazing for the Government Net Zero targets. (read more) 

Tony Smith, GGF President commented:

“It was an incredible day and I am sure all members who attended found the presentations relevant for their business and the major announcements a clear statement of intent by the GGF as the industry’s leading trade body. I would to thank all who attended and the GGF Staff for putting it all together. It was a truly exceptional event.”

The event packed with information and high quality content, received positive feedback from Members who clearly found the day both informative and engaging. With eight guest speakers and contributions from GGF senior staff on a range of topics, the day included 10 presentations and two open forums where Members could ask questions of the GGF Board and Management, as well as a panel discussion on training in the industry.

Guest speaker Lord Andrew Stunell, President of the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC) delivered an inspirational and engaging speech on zero carbon and commented:

“It was a pleasure to speak at GGF Members to convey the growing concern of the rising levels of CO2 and the challenges and opportunities for the construction industry on net zero. Two hundred years ago there were 280ppm (parts per million) of CO2 in the world’s atmosphere.  By ten years ago it was up to 389, and the figure this week is 413.  We are well past the safe threshold of 350ppm.  Even if the world reaches zero carbon by 2050, CO2 levels will go on rising until then, with all the impact we can already see getting worse meanwhile.  That’s why we have to take action immediately. We need urgent action by Government to regulate and incentivise, we need big changes in the market to make good energy performance as desirable as a new kitchen. Industry needs to make big changes, to skill up, build capacity, and work across trade and skill divides to make a joined-up offer to customers and to retrofit one million homes a year for the next twenty years. The choice for GGF members is; to either be subcontractors on the margin or take their place inside the biggest construction investment programme ever.”

The GGF also announced a newly commissioned research report titled “Glazing – A Route to Net Zero”, which was presented by GK Strategy (GGF’s political advisers) and will be an industry first when launched later this year.

On the event, John Agnew, GGF Group Managing Director commented:

John Agnew MD of the GGF
John Agnew, GGF Group Managing Director

“It was an excellent day and the feedback we have received has been nothing but positive. Our announcements on the new projects and initiatives were well received as were our guest speakers and presentations. Members’ Day once again demonstrated why the GGF continues to be  the proactive leading trade organisation for the glass, glazing and fenestration industries. My thanks all who took part and attended.”

Anda Gregory, GGF Chief Development Officer added:

Anda Gregory, GGF Chief Development Officer

“I was pleased to provide an update on the GGF’s new research programme and the also to announce the acquisition of the assets of the Palmer Report. Aligned with the re-launch of the FENSA knowledge hub and much more activity in this area the GGF will be the go-to place for the industry’s market knowledge, trends and insights.”

As well as net zero, training and market intelligence, the range of topics covered included; changes to building regulations in the parts relating to energy efficiency, ventilation, fire safety, security, health, safety and environment plus a special presentation by Mark Oliver of Cambridgeshire Trading Standards on Assured Advice from a Primary Authority Partnership. 

The GGF would like to thank the following speakers for contributing to Members’ Day 2021.

  • Lord Andrew Stunell
  • Joe Cormack, Scott Dodsworth and Jamie Cater from GK Strategy
  • Sharon Alderton of Total Support Training
  • Greg O’Donoghue (Home Improvement Consultant and Trainer)
  • Ian Smith, Kickstart (Department of Work and Pensions)
  • John Ogilvie, Ambassador for Building our Skills
  • Mark Oliver, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Trading Standards

In the coming months, the GGF will be making more announcements on the progress of its work on multiple projects that are being created to benefit the GGF Membership and to lead in the dialogue with Government on issues impacting the industry.

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