April 6, 2019

All eyes on Smarter Glass at GPD

All eyes on Smarter Glass at GPD

Glass performance days (GPD) Finland 2019

Workshops June 25-26

Conference and exhibition June 26-28

The Glass Performance Days (GPD) held in Tampere, Finland from 25-28 June has released the final programme of events and urges all those in glass processing or manufacturing to book their places.   

With over 180 presentations given via workshops, conference sessions and the step-change program, attendees are in for a real treat!
Presentations in the opening ceremony will be graced by the following distinguished professionals

  • Mr. Stefan – Blach, Studio Libeskind
  • Mike Pilliod – Director, Tesla
  • Dr. Sener – Oktik, CTO SISECAM

The link provided below will take you to the online program where, by scrolling up and down the page, you will be able to see and access content of the different activities of the event.

To access the program, click the following link: GPD Finland 2019 Final Program and Timetable.

Here are some tips to help you browse the program:

  • Top menu
    • by clicking on any item of the top menu, you will automatically be directed to the specific page of the activity. You can also easily scroll up-and down to access all the items listed on the top menu
  • Register now’ button
    • takes you directly to the registration platform
  • ‘Program Timetable’ button
    • refers to the section of the final program where you can see the date of sessions and the time each speaker will present
    • You can also download a printable PDF version of the timetable by clicking the ‘Download PDF -Version’ link.
  • Conference Sessions section
    • each session listed on this page has a linked to the web-page where you can see a list of all the presentations and the abstracts to be given in the session.
  • Workshops, Step-Change, the Exhibition and networking activities sections have more info via provided links

For more information on GPD Finland please visit:

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