Fire Resistant Glazing Group

Fire Resistant glazing provides protection for lives and property in the event of fire

Fire Resistant Glazing Group

The fire environment is hostile and its effects can be catastrophic for both life and property. The occurrence of fire and its development is also essentially unpredictable and uncertain.

It is therefore critically important that the specification, selection, and installation of fire resistant glazing are all carried out with close attention to detail. Fire resistant glazing may be used as a barrier for the fire separation or compartmentation as part of an integrated fire safety strategy for the building.

Both integrity-only and integrity with insulation ratings are available.

Products span the range of standard test times of 15, 30, 60, 90, 120 and even 180 minutes according to either BS 476-22, BS EN 1364-1 or BS EN 1634-1, as well as special types to resist the higher intensity petrochemical fire test curve

Fire resistant glass must only be used as part of a fire resistant glazed system – which includes the glass, the glazing seal, beads, fixings and frame. All essential components of such a system must be compatible under fire conditions, and the performance must be referenced to appropriate and relevant test evidence.