Use a trusted and experienced company

Use a GGF Member company and get free advice and protection

They say that ‘your home is your castle’ as it is one of the single greatest investments you can ever make. This theory applies whether you live in the home yourself or rent it out to others. If you ever reach a point where you want to make some sort of renovation or update your home, you need to be sure that you can find an installer you can rely on to do the job properly.

By employing a GGF approved member to carry out all your windows/doors/conservatory needs, you will be investing in workmanship and service of the very highest standard.

In order to become a member of the GGF, installers have to show proof of previous experience and meet a number of qualifying requirements. Once they are accepted as a member they are continually vetted by us, must follow our ‘Code of Good Practice’ and are expected to work to standards as laid out in our ‘Glazing Manual’.

For added peace of mind, all consumers, landlords, who choose a recognised GGF installer will also benefit from our FREE conciliation service in the unlikely event that something goes wrong or they are left unhappy with the level of work completed. This seeks to resolve any disputes between members and customers in a quick and timely manner. We also offer a Consultancy and Expert Witness service should housing associations, local councils and commercial organisations have issues with their glazing contracts.


Business Support Conciliation Scheme