Decorative Glass & Structures Group

The Decorative Glass Group is a specialist group within the GGF Membership that addresses the issues around consumer and installer guidance for the a number of decorative glass and glass structures that are used in modern day architecture and interior design

Decorative Glass and Structures

The aim of this provide a group that provides a forum that represents the sector of the glass and glazing industry that design, process and install decorative glass, hardware, and glass structures outside the scope of traditional windows, doors and conservatories.
The main purpose is to produce installer and consumer guidance that promotes best industry practice.

The group has the following objectives:

Add value to the GGF library via a range of new documents specifically Installer and Consumer Guidance
Better inform members of correct guidance and inform them on any changes to good practice due to regulation and/or standards being updated.
Provide consumer guidance in basic principles of compliant products in regard to best practice and where required accurately inform consumers on the correct specification for products before ordering.
To collaborate with other GGF Groups in the creation of documents where their expertise is required

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Types of the decorative glass

Glass in the home and use in interior design has become far more common in recent times and as a result there is a greater need for consumers to be able to find quality installers for these products. Whether traditional painted glass, shower screens, mirrors or balustrades the consumer needs to be informed to make the correct choice. This group will begin to create consumer and installer guidance and deliver peace of mind and quality to the consumer via our membership.

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