December 22, 2023

Window Film: Frequently Asked Questions

Window Film: Frequently Asked Questions

What is window film?

Window film is a base of clear polyester that is either dyed, extruded or metallised. It is applied to the internal or external surface of glass windows or doors, and has a range of benefits including reducing heat and glare from the sun, increasing comfort and security and minimising energy usage.

Can I install it myself?

Although it is possible for a practical person to install standard window film, an experienced technician is recommended. Apart from ensuring an acceptable aesthetic finish, you can benefit from a full warranty, typically 10 years.

Will it stop my conservatory overheating?

The use of a high-performance window film will dramatically reduce overheating, making the conservatory a much more comfortable environment.

Is window film 100% secure?

Window films are not bulletproof, blast proof or burglar proof. However, they can provide a greater level of safety and security when used for these purposes. You should always ask for the appropriate certification when using window film for these reasons.

How do I maintain window film?

Window film should be cleaned in a similar way to glass, using a soapy water solution and squeegee. Abrasives of any type should be avoided as these will damage the film surface and affect visual quality.

Do I need planning permission?

No, planning permission is not normally required to apply window film.

Does window film improve both U and G values?

Yes, window film will improve both the heat gain and heat loss properties of the glazing system.


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