September 9, 2022

uPVC Scheme

uPVC Scheme

The GGF’s free uPVC Recycling Scheme has been put in place to lend a reassuring hand to all UK homeowners that GGF Members are doing their very best to be sustainable, and are using recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Insight from a recent study by Deceuninck revealed that more than two-thirds of UK homeowners would choose to have windows and doors installed with a higher recycled content, and nearly 40% would actually pay more for them according to a YouGov.poll, which only demonstrates that the need to be sustainable is more important than ever.

In addition to those figures, 89% of UK homeowners also cited energy efficiency as the other major factor in a product’s green credentials, and acts as the main driver to home improvement purchasing, which was only topped by 91% of the study quoting security.

The Recycling Scheme, through our nationwide partnership with Alutrade, offers an extensive fleet of collection vehicles, which provides GGF Members the ability to recycle all of their old window frames after a job. This is to ensure this primary resource of raw material is captured and not lost to landfill or general plastic recycling.

Naturally, uPVC is a highly recyclable raw material which means that uPVC windows can be re-used and repurposed up to ten times, giving them potentially a 150 year lifespan! After all of the old material has been recycled, all of the recycled uPVC stays in the UK so we can continue to provide UK homeowners with sustainable, responsible and earth-friendly windows.

Being able to divert window and door frames from going to landfill with our recycling scheme, and then be able to use the recycled material to provide homes in the UK with sustainable window frames not only helps to demonstrate to homeowners how the GGF and its Members are doing their part to be environmentally responsible, as we have all increasingly become necessarily more aware of the impact of plastic waste on the environment. Recycling the pre-existing materials cuts down on new materials being used in addition to decreasing waste.

The GGF Recycling Schemes will continue to be heavily committed to recycling every piece of uPVC waste created and to be the trusted and reliable partner to the glass industry. The GGF Recycling Scheme is helping to create a place in the industry that ensures 100% homeowner confidence, and now is the best time to have your windows installed by an earth-conscious GGF Member.

If you’re looking for a responsible and sustainable window installer then you can get a quote from a GGF Member here.