September 9, 2022

Simple and Easy Green Home Improvements

Simple and Easy Green Home Improvements

In the ever-developing world of eco-friendly and sustainable ideas and products, there’s never been a better time to start making green home improvements. A good way to start seeing gradual eco-friendly differences is to start small, and once you implement these simple and easy sustainable changes, they’ll start to make a significant difference to your bills and potentially even the comfort levels of your home. 

Make These Easy Changes Today 

Some of these changes may seem pretty obvious or self-explanatory, however, when they’re all done together, you’re sure to see differences in your annual bill.

  • Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms – the simplest one to start with, don’t waste money and energy lighting up empty rooms!
  • Closing your curtains when the sun goes down – when the sun goes down, it means the heating effect from solar radiation will stop. Closing your curtains will help keep heat inside and reduce draughts from your windows.
  • Close interior doors – another simple trick, but by closing your doors you can keep the heat in the rooms you’re occupying and it means you can avoid heating unoccupied rooms.
  • Start letting clothes dry without a tumble dryer – dry your clothes naturally on a clothes horse inside your home, or outside (weather permitting, of course). A typical tumble dryer can cost homeowners around £115 per year to run!
  • Ensure any taps aren’t left dripping – dripping taps could fill around two baths with wasted water over the span of just 1 year.
  • Energy Saving lightbulbs are your friend! – They last much longer than traditional lightbulbs, with a typical 20 watt CFL lasting around 12 years. In that time, you could save potentially £120 worth of electricity – and that’s just one bulb!
  • Turn all of your appliances off of standby – if you turned all your appliances that aren’t in use off of standby, you could hypothetically reduce your electricity bill.
  • And of course, make sure you have double or triple glazed windows and doors – this will help reduce draughts and increase the heat retention of your home. If you choose to have your windows or doors installed by a GGF Member, they are sure to give you the best priced windows with the best needs for your home. To find a responsible and sustainable GGF Member to work on your home, please click here. *link*

As you can see, there multiple ways to implement easy and accessible green home improvements within your home and they don’t have to cost you a lot of your hard-earned cash, or even any in some circumstances. If you can make as many of these simple changes as possible, you’ll start to see a difference to your bills.

The GGF are dedicated to helping homeowners save money on their bills, so to see what you could be saving, utilise the GGF Energy Savings Calculator.

You can now take time to focus on larger-scale changes that will make a difference, such as purchasing BFRC-rated products such as windows or doors, to contribute to reducing the impact of carbon emissions from your home, which will benefit not only you but the planet.