May 4, 2017

New glazing can add comfort & value to your home

New glazing can add comfort & value to your home

Not sure where to begin with home improvements? Upgrading windows and doors can provide a range of benefits – including adding value to your home.

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In our recently completed consumer survey, we asked thousands of homeowners around the UK a range of questions about glazing, energy efficiency and home improvements.

What they told us will be good news if you’re planning a home improvement and have been thinking about energy efficient glazing.

Energy efficient glazing can add value to your home

Almost 75% of homeowners we surveyed told us they would consider energy efficient windows and doors important when buying a new home.

Since we also discovered that only 54% of homeowners currently have energy efficient windows and doors installed, upgrading the glazing in your home could put you at an advantage when it comes time to sell your property and give potential home buyers an extra reason to shortlist your home.

Energy efficient glazing offers a whole host of additional benefits, from improved thermal efficiency to extra security and noise insulation, so it’s no surprise that the positives of installing it in a home are now more widely recognised than ever.

Discover the benefits of upgrading windows and doors

Here at, we strongly recommend you consider the benefits of upgrading the windows and doors in your home.

Energy efficient glazing can bring a range of improvements to your home:
– increased thermal efficiency
– a more comfortable living environment
– less noise pollution
– reduced chance of condensation (when used in conjunction with adequate ventilation)
– lower energy bills (when used in conjunction with other energy efficient systems)

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