November 20, 2023

98% of homes are losing energy through underperforming windows

98% of homes are losing energy through underperforming windows

Worker putting rubber draught strip onto window indoors, closeup

UK homes have been branded the leakiest in Western Europe when it comes to heat loss, and new data reveals that if almost all (98%) of the UKs windows were installed today, they wouldn’t be up to standard.

In fact, our latest research found that UK homes are three times less efficient than those in Germany, with more than a fifth (24%) of a home’s heat energy being lost through old, draughty windows.  

With winter fast approaching and the cost of living crisis rumbling on, it’s more important than ever for Brits to look for ways to improve their home’s energy efficiency.

This is especially true given National Energy Agency estimates that 6.6 million households are currently in fuel poverty, unable to afford to heat their homes to the temperature needed to keep warm and healthy.

UK homeowners need help understanding what they can do to save both money and energy, so actionable advice is essential.

Making upgrades to homes which help to prevent heat from escaping through walls, windows and doors can make a real difference. Plus, these changes could help homeowners save hundreds of pounds each year, lightening the burden of energy bills while simultaneously contributing to a greener environment.

The money saving potential of making fabric first upgrades at home, such as replacing windows or further insulating walls, should really not be overlooked and replacing windows should be front and centre of future energy efficiency schemes. Recent research really drives this home, suggesting that the annual cost saving from replacing pre-2002 windows with current standards could reach a massive £4.1 billion.