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The Glass and Glazing Federation represents companies that manufacture, supply or install glass and glass related products in the UK and internationally.

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) is the main representative organisation for companies involved in all aspects of the manufacture of flat glass and products and services for all types of glazing, in commercial and domestic sectors.
Members of the GGF include companies that manufacture and install energy efficient windows, in homes and commercial buildings, the performance glass used in every type of building from houses to high-rise tower blocks and the components that are used to manufacture every type of glazing.

GGF Members produce and install safety, fire and emergency glazing, special films to protect against the sun’s rays or terrorist and vandal attacks and in fact, every type of glazing installation, no matter how specialised.

The GGF is recognised by government and plays a large part in influencing new standards and regulations, such as The Building Regulations, the rules that govern and control the way our buildings are constructed in the UK.

When looking for a manufacturer, supplier or contractor for all glass types and glass related products, energy efficient windows or conservatories you should start by looking for a Glass and Glazing Federation Member.

Why Join GGF

The GGF provides its members with access to a wide range of technical expertise, guidance, and knowledge on building regulations, technical standards, and legislation. As a member, you will benefit from expert health and safety guidance and consumer protection. Additionally, you will be invited to participate in technical groups and events, consult with technical experts, and gain access to the GGF Glazing Manual and data sheets.

The GGF also provides invaluable advice on upcoming legislation, guidance on CE marking, and comprehensive business support, including banking products and services and free employment law advice. Moreover, GGF members can benefit from exclusive training discounts and access to industry guidance documents. Finally, as a member of the GGF, you can participate in political representation and attend networking events to grow and expand your professional network.

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The Glass and Glazing Federation was founded in 1977, yet traces its lineage back to the glass and glazing industry’s earliest days in Britain.

The GGF was founded on 13th January 1977 as a successor to the Flat Glass Association (founded 1st March 1964), incorporating the Insulating Glass, Safety Glazing and Glass Benders Associations. This brought together the representative bodies of the major parts of the industry at that time.

The antecedent of the Flat Glass Association was the Plate Glass Association, the records for which go back to 1880’s. There is more evidence in the Minute Books held in the GGF’s archives of the glass and glazing companies meeting for their common interests a century earlier in 1780.

GGF 40 Years Timeline

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Consumer Confidence

To ensure that GGF Members are seen as the best in the industry and by choosing a GGF Member the consumer gets guidance, advice and a route to resolving any issues all backed by the GGF Consumer Code.

Industry Excellence

To help shape the highest standards of technical and safety standards in the Glass Industry. Through the dedication and innovation of GGF Members to lead on delivering ever higher standards in all aspects of the industry.

Public Voice

To be recognised as the leading authority on Glass and Glazing at both local and national Government level providing guidance and challenge to political leaders and stakeholders.

Member Support

To provide a range of business and technical services to Members that will allow them to excel and grow.

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