Solarshield Limited

GGF Membership No: A2037

Member since: 1994

Solarshield Limited

Solarshield install window films and manifestations to glazing throughout the UK. We have a UK wide installation & specification service and were established in 1985 so have extensive knowledge in our field. Solarshield specialise in all window film installations, such as Safety/Security, blast mitigation, spontaneous breakage protection, as well as Solar control, Privacy films and manifestations, we can even cut designs or digitally print images onto our window films.
  • Solar control window films to reduce the Sun's uncomfortable heat, glare and UV.
  • Bomb Blast Protection  and Blast mitigation window film installations for added protection.
  • Energy Saving Window Films, to reduce winter heat loss and reduce loads on HVAC in the summer.
  • Privacy & Decorative window films offer added privacy and decoration to windows.
  • Health & Safety Manifestation films to ensure compliance with building regulations.
  • Data cloaking and view control window films, to Help protect your Office.
  • Residential window films that can reduce the excess heat in your home and especially conservatory.

Products & Services

  • Applied Window Film
  • Decorative Glass
  • Specialist Glass

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