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Safety glazing is essential in certain locations

Laminated glass will hold together even when shattered

What is laminated glass?

An assembly consisting of one sheet of glass with one or more sheets of glass and/or plastics glazing sheet material joined together with one or more interlayers. The interlayer act as adhesive and separator between the plies of glass or plastics glazing sheet material. A laminated glass must comply with EN ISO 12543.

Types of laminated glass

Laminated safety glass

Laminated glass where in the case of breakage the interlayer serves to retain the glass fragments, limits the size of opening, offers residual resistance and reduces the risk of cutting or piercing injuries. The product must comply with EN ISO 12543-2 and be classified according to EN 12600.

Laminated security glass

This is a laminated glass that is designed to withstand a specified level of attack. The following types are available:-

Manual attack resistant laminated glass

This is designed to resist attack by means of an axe, crowbar, pickaxe, etc. and to delay access to a protected space for a short period of time. The performance is classified according to EN 356.

Bullet-resistant laminated glass

This is designed to provide protection against firearm attack. The performance is classified according to EN 1063.

Blast-resistant laminated glass

This is designed to reduce the injurious effects of accidental or intentional blast forces. The performance is classified according to EN 13024.

Fire resistant laminated glass

Laminated glass where at least one interlayer reacts to the high temperature to give the product its fire resistance. This product may also contain glass components that are themselves fire resistant.

Laminated glass with fire resistant properties

Laminated glass that does not achieve its fire resistance by means of interlayers which react to high temperatures but by incorporation of fire resistant glass plies.

Solar control laminated glass

This is laminated glass incorporating a body tinted and/or reflective float glass and/or a tinted interlay.

Acoustic laminated glass

This is a laminated glass incorporating a special interlayer that gives increased sound reduction properties

Use of laminated safety glass

This product can be used to glaze critical locations as well as balustrades and can be incorporated into overhead glazing.

Recommendations on the class of laminated safety glass to be used and the marking of the product is given in BS 6262-4:2005.

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