Window Energy Ratings

In 2005, the Glass and Glazing Federation took over the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) and significantly increased its brand awareness and the widespread acceptance of WERs through the large numbers of licences & licence holders. 

The GGF and BFRC also gained Government acceptance of WERs resulting in it now being a means of compliance with Building Regulations and the increasing focus on solar gain benefits as opposed to simply U values - which tended to lean towards new buildings with fewer glazed areas.

Today, the Window Energy Rating (WER) system follows a similar rainbow label that consumers are familiar with on white goods, easily understanding the level of thermal performance for their new windows.

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GGF Energy Savings Calculator

The GGF Energy Savings Calculator lets you discover how much you could save by installing energy efficient windows in your home.

It allows you to see the potential effects of windows with different BFRC ratings with regards to your future energy costs, CO2 emissions and carbon usage.

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