• Posted 22/03/2012

Energy Minister Greg Barker delivered a very positive speech on the Green Deal at Eco Build this week that included major changes that could potentially impact on to how Green Deal will work for those in the Glass and Glazing industry.

The content of speech which may be of particular interest to GGF Members includes the removal of certain obligations on Green Deal Providers that were proposed in the initial consultation. These obligations included;

  • Surety bonds will no longer need to be in place prior to authorisation
  • Warranties will no longer be required for the length of the Green Deal contract

Mr Barker stated, “We want to make sure the Green Deal is the best deal for everyone. It is essential to strike a balance between adequate consumer protection and not creating cost prohibitive barriers to market entry. With this in mind, I am pleased to announce that we are proposing to remove the requirement for Green Deal Providers to have a surety bond in place prior to authorisation.”

Mr Barker continued, “We have also changed the warranties proposal, removing the requirement to hold warranties for the length of the plan. Use of existing schemes where appropriate will mean that consumers will receive as much protection as is available.”

Nigel Rees, GGF Chief Executive commented, “We are pleased to see the Government change their initial position on warranties for Green Deal work. This change has come around following pressure from the GGF and its members and others in the construction industry. It effectively removes a large stumbling block and now means that the standard warranties of 10 years used in the Glass and Glazing industry will fit within the Green Deal requirements”  

Some of the key quotes from Greg Barker’s speech at Eco Build:

On Green Deal Financial Benefits:  “The Green Deal has been designed to finance the installation of a broad range of measures across the energy efficiency market. Our goal is to enable the property to benefit from all the improvements that can create savings. The heating, glazing, lighting and Micro generation industries will all be able to use this innovative financing mechanism.”

On SMEs inclusion:  “To help ensure the best deal for consumers, we want to encourage a wide variety of different businesses, local authorities, social housing providers and third sector organisations to play a role in this new market.”

On installers undertaking Green Deal contracts: “Those wishing to install measures under the Green Deal must be certified to the new standard. We are working closely with the UK Accreditation Service to ensure certification bodies are ready and authorised in time.”

On Manufacturers’ standards: “For manufacturers the Green Deal will drive innovation and ensure quality standards are maintained. We will also develop a process to recognise the 'better than average' performance of products in the financing arrangements.”

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