• Posted 25/08/2016

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has launched the re-energised GLASS Charter Merit Scheme for GGF Members. The GLASS Charter Merit Scheme aim is to address and improve the Health and Safety performance within the UK Glazing Industry.

In 2001 the glass industry took up the Government’s Revitalising Health and Safety Initiative. In partnership with both industry and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) the Glass and Glazing Federation launched the GLASS Charter (Goal; Less Accidents, Safer Sites).

Phil Pinnington, GGF Health, Safety and Facilities Manager, commented: ‘This next phase of improving Health and Safety in our industry sees us move from just compliance to continuous improvement. Within the GGF there are many member companies who have adopted ingenious and effective measures to improve safety and just as importantly these measures are appropriate to their business. We believe these companies should be recognised and encouraged to progress further.’

The merit scheme is open to all GGF Members no matter the size of business, sole trader to multi-national companies. The unique advantage is that it focuses on systems appropriate to the size and nature of the business whilst applying a set of common standards.

The merit scheme is built with a roadmap to support GGF Members to continuously improve their Health and Safety profile. It is divided into three levels. Bronze, Silver and Gold with levels in Bronze and Silver sub-divided into three grades. Alongside the scheme the GGF also offers access to resources designed to guide and aid Members in achieving progression within the scheme.

The scheme has two main objectives:

  1. To improve the safety standards within the glazing industry and in turn limit the additional hidden costs incurred by accidents and incidents to business.
  2. To identify, through sharing of incident data, key areas of concern to the industry and bring about change where necessary.

For further details please contact the GGF Health and Safety Team or download a copy of the GLASS Charter brochure here:

Read more about GGF Members' success within the GLASS Charter:

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