• Posted 22/03/2013

On 6th March 2013 the GGF attended Dods Green Deal Dialogue Reception at the House of Commons, where a final Green Deal recommendations report was launched entitled; One month in: making the Green Deal work.

As one of three main sponsors, the GGF welcomed the report which presents its findings following a process of engagement between parliamentarians, industry and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Drawing upon a series of research activity and policy debates and regional roundtables, it highlights what has been done and what could be done to ensure the Green Deal is as successful as possible. The report also identifies several concerns, which the GGF feels need to be addressed. 

At the event Nigel Rees, GGF Group Chief Executive commented, “We are pleased to have sponsored the Green Deal Dialogue for the last 18 months and to have contributed in many ways to the research, the engagement and the reports. It has also proved a good platform for the GGF to get our Members concerns across to the key influencers in parliament and government.”

Speaking at the launch event, Simon Wright MP, member of the Environmental Audit Select Committee and Green Deal APPG, welcomed the report and look at the future of the Green Deal: “Clearly for the Green Deal the key will be on how best to create local partnerships to roll out schemes on a much larger scale over the next couple of years. We are also looking at the commercial non-residential sector where there are particular policy challenges. It is good to see these issues highlighted in the Dods report.”

Laura Sandys MP, PPS to the Energy and Climate Change Minister added;

“The future is about us ensuring that we get the message out. The future is that we sustain enthusiasm around the SME market that is absolutely crucial to ensure that the jobs and the businesses are supported. But this is a consumer product and we need to ensure that we keep consumers engaged with this particular opportunity.”

Nigel Rees concluded; “Though the Green Deal Dialogue project has run its course, we will continue work on Green Deal and Energy Efficiency to ensure our Members concerns are heard and considered by those making and implementing policy and legislation.”

To read or download the Green Deal Dialogue Final Report which includes a feature article on the GGF’s position and concerns with Green Deal, please click here.

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