• Posted 27/06/2014

‘Green Deal Reform: Simplifying the Standards, Authorisation and Compliance’.

Following changes to the Green Deal and ECO schemes at the end of 2013, DECC has responded to feedback by making several improvements to the schemes.  As the next phase in streamlining and improving energy efficiency schemes, DECC is looking into a number of additional modifications, including a simplification of the standards, authorisation and compliance regime. The link to the A3 chart below contains issues raised so far. DECC will use this to better describe the current landscape, identifying areas that contribute to successful operating models and identifying priorities for improvement.

This work is designed to build on the work and feedback already submitted.  Please note that parallel work is taking place to address issues including finance and the Golden Rule, which are outside the scope of this particular exercise.  

Please use the attached chart below as a guide in order outline the issues that could help bring real change/ improvement to your Green Deal experience, and those issues that won’t realise improvements.

See A3 Chart of issues raised so far.

DECC kindly request comments and feedback to be submitted by: Close of play Monday 30th June 2014.

Please forward your feedback directly to Liz Byron (DECC) via email: 

If you have any questions please feel free to make direct contact with Liz Byron via email

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