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Here are the most commonly used types of window film:

Adhesive Backed Polymeric Window Film (known as Window Film)

What is Window Film?

Adhesive backed polymeric window film is a high clarity polyester film that has been design for application to glass to improve its performance.

It is a glass treatment that can be professionally applied either in the factory to new glass or insitu to existing windows, glass doors and partitions.

The correct application of film onto glass can upgrade the original glazing to meet the requirements of Building Regulations, Health & Safety Regulations as well as British and European Standards.

Types of Window Film

Safety Film

When applied this type of film will transform an ordinary annealed glass into a safety glass that can be classified by EN 12600.

Security Film

This type of film can enhance the performance of glass with respect to:

Resistance to manual attack;

Resistance to explosive pressure;

Resistance to ballistic attack spall reduction

Solar Control Film

When applied this type of film will modify the spectrophotometric properties of the glass. These films can be coloured and/or highly reflective. and/or low emissivity.

Low Emisivity Film

When applied this type of film will reduce the thermal transmittance (u value) of the glass.

Others Specialist films

Special Ultra Violet Reducing film;

RFI/EMF Shielding Film;

Privacy Film;

Decorative/Manefestation Film

Anti Graffiti Film

Adhesive backed polymeric film should comply, in the future, with prEN 15752-1.

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