Window Film Group

Ensuring best practise and standards are maintained in this sector

Safety and Security is of the upmost importance

Members of the GGF Window film Group can offer the latest advice on current Health and Safety legislation, increased Security Measures & Anti-Bandit protection with the installation of a specific Window Film upgrade.

With most Employers taking their Duty of Care, Current Legislation, the heightened Security status as well as Health and  Safety Regulations very seriously, the addition of window film to new or existing glass and glazing can greatly enhance the Performance & reduce the associated risks.

The Safety & Security films are available in numerous thicknesses, performances and specifications, many of them combining the very highest Performance and latest technologies, to not only Protect you in the event of an Accident or worse involving glass, but also offer added  Solar and UV Protection.

For added Safety, applying Window Film can greatly enhance the existing glass performance and:-

  • Offer added Impact resistance in line with the Workplace (Health Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992,specifically Regulation 14 and current DDA Regulations (link to GGF Reg 14 Doc PDF)
  • The installation of window film manifestations to make glazing apparent and conspicuous,can enhance existing glass, and ensure it is also compliant with Regulation 14 and DDA Regulations
  • Gives added containment to Balustrade or overhead glazing, ensuring broken glass stays in place reducing the risks with the dangerous pieces of unprotected glass(link to GGF overhead glazing Doc PDF)
  • Window Film can hold dangerous shards together if glass is shattered, keeping people safer.
  • Complies with the current European standards such as EN12600 (link to GGF testing report PDF)

For Increased Security the addition of Window Film can be highly recommended, as it creates an invisible barrier without changing  the aesthetics of your Building envelope, it can  :-

  • Offer Greater Bomb Blast Resistance and added Blast Mitigation Performance to reduce the damage in the event of a bomb blast, protecting people & lives.(link to GGF BB report PDF)
  • Window Film combined with Anchorage and containment systems protect from Anti-Bandit & Burglary,slowing down intruders & reducing the chances of smash and grab crime, therefore protecting the most vulnerable areas.
  • Added Visual Security with One-Way and obscure films can be used to protect & prevent against criminals
  • Window Film Complies with numerous security Tests to upgrade glass including GSA standards as well as 16933,16944 & EN356 (Add PDF covering details of relevant Security tests)

With so many solutions to the most common glass problems and so many types of glazing installed throughout the UK, the GGF Window Film Group work closely with Glass Manufacturers and Film Manufacturers to ensure, all of the recommendations and specifications are up to date & comply with all current legislation.

In fact the GGF’s member’s expertise is often an integral part in the latest Test Measures & specifications.

Insist on the use of the GGF Window Film Group Members, to ensure your Window Film installation on glass is of the highest quality and complies with the latest regulations, which is extremely important when considering the reason for Window Film being applied in the first place!

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