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Window Film can enhance your energy efficiency and provide thermal comfort


Over the past twenty years the UK has had a 60% increase in air conditioned buildings. Cooling a buildings temperature with the use of air conditioning often uses a lot more energy than heating the building; this is without allowing for the extra energy use by new technology systems often found in homes and working environments.

The most obvious source of high temperatures in buildings is the energy from the sun, followed by internal heat generated by technology, people and poor ventilation. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) in the UK reported that 40% of the load placed on air conditioning in offices comes from direct solar gain through windows.

As companies make changes to improve their energy efficiency, window film is becoming one of the key options. Window film is a retrofit layer applied to the internal or external surface of existing glass, designed to enhance the performance of windows by reducing solar heat gain and glare.

"As an energy saving product, window film is ideal. It reduces the amount of heat coming into a building by blocking solar energy. This in turn reduces the load on air conditioning unit and will reduce energy bills.  Technological advances have created a range of shades and even virtually clear window films to suit all building types. In many cases it can upgrade the building’s efficiency coupled with improved visual appearance or even blast protection utilising combination window films.”

With the global shift towards a greener way of thinking the members of the Window Film Group of the Glass and Glazing Federation consult with companies in their drive to reduce their carbon emissions along with their carbon footprint and cut energy costs. With the correct film installed it is possible to cut cooling loading by upto 30%. With Carbon Reduction Commitments by Government and Corporations there is an urgent need to act and Window Film can be a quick and very visible solution to help reach the target. With an approved energy calculator dealers can consult with clients about their type of glazing and required film. This then provides an idea of estimated savings.


Commercial building owners, facilities companies and managing agents are tasked to maintain a reasonable temperature to satisfy its occupants whilst making every effort to control how much they spend on energy and other operating/maintenance bills.

In addition, UK businesses are asked by the EU Directive and Legislation such as Document ‘L’ of the Building Regulations to maintain comfort in the workplace for employees. This states that temperatures in the workplace are optimum and not at extremes; this is typically around 21°C/70°F. In achieving this, energy is consumed to either raise or lower the temperature.

Window film when applied onto existing glass will help to achieve this by balancing the temperature, minimising hot spots within the building. Extra benefits of an application of window film can also provide excellent glare control for screens, reduce the fading of interiors and with combination film can enhance the glazing to create blast mitigation.

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