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A GGF member can guarantee quality home improvements

When choosing a home improvement company to install a conservatory, new windows or doors or any similar product in your property you need to be sure that you get what you pay for. Finding an installer you can be sure of being trustworthy and reliable is extremely difficult, which is why it makes good sense to only choose a GGF installer.

The GGF is represented by over 60% of the home improvement industry, meaning locating your nearest GGF installer is very simple. But you may be asking why you should choose a GGF member above anyone else? Here’s why:

All deposits protected

Very often you will need to put down a deposit on your chosen home improvement product. You need to be sure that deposit is safeguarded in some way. When you place a deposit with a GGF member you will be protected by the GGF's independent Deposit Indemnity Scheme.

Vetting process

Before an installer can acquire GGF status, they have to meet a series of stringent tests and follow certain regulations so that we can be sure they will meet the level of performance required. We vet all companies by obtaining consumer references, checking company accounts and visiting their premises.

Installers follow the GGF way

Once an installer qualifies for GGF membership, they are obliged to follow regulations set out in our ‘Code of Good Practice’ and ‘Glazing Manual’ to ensure they meet the high standards the GGF expects.

Customer charter

Our ‘Customer Charter’ offers a consumer all the advice and guidance they need when buying any form of home improvement. You should use it as a point of reference before committing to installation of any kind.


The GGF’s FREE conciliation service aims to resolve any disputes between consumers and installers. As reliable as a GGF member is, there will be occasions when the homeowner is not satisfied with the standard of work completed and any disagreements can be ironed out thoroughly via this route.

Installer conduct

We rightly expect each and every member of the GGF to provide customers with the very best service. All members are regularly monitored to make sure that they are giving customers the value for money and quality they deserve.

Building regulations

It is vitally important that all installations meet the necessary building regulations. GGF members are expected to comply with any building regulations.

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