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Glass Repair Group Registration Criteria

Registration Criteria for Glass Repair Specialist contractors wishing to become members of the GGF Glass Repair Group and appear on the GGF online directory.

Note 1: Not fulfilling this criteria will exclude your company from the website search database.

Note 2: The following criteria only applies to contractors providing glass polishing services. It does not exclude suppliers/vendors etc. from joining the group.

  1. The ‘Company’ must hold an up to date membership of the GGF.

  2. The ‘Company’ must be registered in the United Kingdom.

  3. GRG Registration only applies to the ‘Company’ and its directly employed operatives. Note: Registration does not apply to any sub-contractor or other entity employed or appointed by the ‘Company’.

  4. It is the responsibility of the ‘Company’ to ensure that any sub-contractor uses both the system registered and the methods applied by the employing company.

  5. Franchisees or nominated licensees of the ‘Company’ must become independently registered in their own right and comply with conditions 1 to 14 inclusively.

  6. If working on construction sites, all operatives need to demonstrate a recognised level of competence (e.g. NVQ or equivalent).

  7. The ‘Company’ must provide upon request, evidence of Public Liability Insurance (They must also provide evidence of no exclusion or limitation within its insurance policies for working at heights).

  8. The ‘Company’ must provide upon request, evidence of Employers Liability Insurance.

  9. The ‘Company’ must hold an approved or accredited Health and Safety qualification such as CHAS, SHE, etc.

  10. All work undertaken will comply with current Health & Safety regulations.

  11. Procedures should comply with the requirements GGF Data Sheet 5.15.1: Glass Repair - Removal of Surface Damage from Glass.

  12. To use only bona-fide documentation with a full description of the work undertaken.

  13. Should the ‘Company’ not provide the above information upon request, or has been involved in any activity that could adversely effect the reputation of the GGF or any of it’s members, the GGF GRG can withdraw registration at any time and without notice.

  14. The ‘Company’ must complete the GRG test protocol (details available upon request) in its entirety, which will be monitored by an independently appointed test facility or company (details to be provided by the GRG).

  15. A 4 year review will be held for all registered companies. If there has been a significant system change, a retest may be required. All costs associated with the test and registration process will be the responsibility of the ‘Company’.

  16. Registered companies will be recognised by the issuing of a certificate by the GGF GRG, and publish their name on the GGF website alongside other accredited members.

  17. All registered member companies are responsible for the training of their operatives and to ensure that they understand the relevance of the registration and the benefits for both service provider and customers.

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