Systems House Group

Systems House Group

The number of system house members has grown over recent years which is very encouraging. The Systems House group aims to form a united voice to serve the best interests of the Group but also, and perhaps more importantly, with its relative size and status within the market they will offer the GGF support in its activities to act in the best interests of the industry as a whole.

Key work areas of the System House Group

Technical issues

Promotion of good practice

Ensuring the supply chain operates best practice

Standards and specifications

Main objectives the Group has set for 2017-2019

To influence on policy makers in respect of building regulations and planning.

To develop window manufacturing standards and a consistent means of policing compliance.

To collaboration with other GGF groups on new products and initiatives.

To supporting the GGF in the recruitment of window manufacturers as members of the GGF.

To support in the creation and delivery of training programmers.

To build closer relationships with bodies such as the NHBC and LABC.

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